MikroSAT Modem $499
Monthly Service $59

M2M Monitor - Natural Gas

Pi-Star communications offers a secure cloud-based
solution for the oil and gas industry.

Our solution leverages the latest data transport technologies to provide a robust solution at a lower cost. Your data
can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our application is a proven leader in the Oil and Gas industry. Producers who use our system have realized
increased operations efficiency. Having remote well information on your desktop allows you to make the
critical daily decisions easier and more effective.

SCADA Remote Monitoring

Pi-Star offers a unique monitoring solution.
By leveraging newer technologies, we have combined remote data acquisition with our SmartBox to drastically reduce monitoring costs, production costs, and battery usage. Most of your customers realize a 30 - 60% savings over their previous monitoring vendor. Customer Service is a high priority for Pi-Star. We have a staff of engineers trained to help with any issue. We strive to be a trusted partner with all of our customers.

Operations Managers rely on our applications to help gather information and assign daily tasks for their well tenders and employees. These managers also reduce revenue loss due to down compressors, flow rate reductions, etc. by using our Alerting System. Pi-Star offers Real Time Alerting on all devices monitored.

Pi-Star's Features & Benefits:
• Complete Turn-Key Solution
• Cost-Effective Hardware
• Cost-Effective Remote Monitoring
• 30-60% Savings
• Alerting for Compressors & Wells
• Seamless Delivery Of Data From The Field To Your Desktop
• Intuitive Web-Based Application Is Quickly Learned
• Reporting Is Simple And Exports To Excel
• Low Power Usage Smart Modems
• Reduce Trips To Charge Batteries
Pi-Star works with many different meters, including:
• Cameron NuFlo
• Eagle
• Many More